Jared Mees – “I Believe”

Jared Mees will release his fourth album, Life Is Long, on 4/21. The release showcases the many strengths of the songwriter and poet, with simile, alliteration, and euphony abound in his lyrical process. Not to mention, he has a considerable melodic charm and developmental songwriting style, one that hooks immediately despite ambitious lyrical content and runtimes. The track “Life Is Long” already released several weeks back, an ode to savoring life’s every moment. On new track “I Believe”, another album cut, Mees works through playful keys throughout the majority, with synth work and guitars mostly emerging in the second half, and particularly during the melodically powerful conclusion.

The particular line continues Mees’ emphasis on the beauties of life, and how time spent can mold the amount of beauty one experiences:

“I’m 33 years young; that’s old enough to know, that everyday that comes is one less to go.
And with the ones that I get, I’m gonna sing some songs. I’m gonna raise some kids.
I’m gonna watch them go. And then I’ll take it slow, try to listen to the trees, hope some day
to know, what I believe.”

Powerful and easily relatable messages about life, like this one, are abound throughout Life Is Long, which blends well-produced melodies with a high level of musicianship alongside some truly meaningful lyrical processes.

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