The Notas – “Speak Slower”

The Notas are an emerging band with members from Ireland, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria. With new single “Speak Slower”, the second part of a trilogy of singles they’re releasing, The Notas show an impressing handling of both exotic sounds and pop-friendly accessibility. Lush twinkling and dripping percussion kick things off gently, though it doesn’t take long for shimmering guitars and more energetic rhythms to emerge in fine form. The guitar-led bridge at 01:13, with a subtle string-laden backing, showcases a gorgeous melody that brings listeners back to the verse – this time with claps – cohesively. Building back into the hook, the track shows replay value with the escalating intensity of the vocals and guitar trickles. It’s a track that builds wonderfully in momentum and hookiness, a surefire success from this group of musicians from many different countries.

Mike Mineo

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