Phileas Fogg – “Ready Or Not”

Phileas Fogg’s new track “Ready Or Not” shows some impressive melodic adventuring in its first minute alone, traversing from a loose psych-rock stroll into a ferociously urgent punk-laden push at 00:35, reminiscent a bit of Supergrass’ psych-leaning efforts. Then, at the 50-second mark, Fogge transitions into a fluttering range of guitars with a jazz-y demeanor. It’s a nice way to capture listeners’ attentions early on, steering clear of any general repetition. Despite the contrast in these three sections stylistically, the melody flows cohesively and Fogg’s vocal delivery tends to fit. Organs help provide a more spacious feel around the two-minute mark, with wordless choir vocals lending to that as well before showcasing some solo guitar work. This is a track that goes numerous places during its 03:09 runtime, though all of them successfully. The UK singer/songwriter is certainly one to keep an ear/eye on.

Mike Mineo

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