Posted May 4, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Aaron Bowen – “Savage Harvest”

If you’re a fan of Talk Talk’s later material – specifically their brilliant advancement into more atmospheric jazz, classical, and ambient with 1988’s Spirit of Eden – then there’s a very high chance of Aaron Bowen being one of your favorite finds of the year. Bowen’s new album Spring The Necessary Pilgrimage includes the highlight “Savage Harvest”, where chilling vocals and jazzy guitar stylings lead an arsenal seeping with emotional dexterity and gripping atmosphere. It’s concise enough to smoothly introduce listeners to his sound, though full of subtly effective production flourishes – like the trickling keys to conclude the effort – to showcase the beautiful intricacies within his mode of production.

Look out for the rest of Spring The Necessary Pilgrimage later this year.

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