Basement Surfers – “Fine Art to Be Appreciated From a Toadstool”

Psych-pop act Basement Surfers offer up a colorful, tripped-out soundscape on new track “Fine Art to Be Appreciated From a Toadstool”. Based between Seattle and Tacoma, the project plays live with upward of eight musicians on stage dawning homemade cloaks and masks. It’s often accompanied by video/slime projections and other visual aids, crafted by other members of the collective. They released their newest album, Human Music, on April 28th, its ten tracks traversing from the surf-y twang of “Friend Vicodin” and alternative fuzz of “Sweet Stella” to the Animal Collective-like tropical exploration on the excellent “Long Ago”. “Fine Art to Be Appreciated From a Toadstool” is a fine example of their more chaotic moments, led by a vibrant array of vocal melodies, psych-friendly guitar twangs, and very active rhythms. It’s an exciting, interesting listen throughout. Steam it in full below:

Mike Mineo

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