Galatee – “Youth”

The long-awaited new season of Twin Peaks will air on May 21st, bringing back one of the most supremely atmospheric shows in television history. In addition to the gripping camerawork and aesthetic, a driving force of the show was always the soundtrack, a nocturnal and haunting soundscape composed by Angelo Badalamenti. The droning, somber mystique of the show’s material inspired a new release from Galatee, the project of Dmitry Gruber, who has been releasing and recording since 2013. He’s a prolific producer, with over 200 releases, though this newest is one of his most striking. The six tracks on Visions all have that Twin Peaks feel, especially the gorgeous “Youth”, where a bouncy bass line and weeping synth pad converge with concise brass spurts for a sound that’s distinctively Lynchian.

Stream the entire release below:

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