Haiva Ru – “Work It On Out”


Haiva Ru is the work of Santa Barbara-based singer/songwriter Allie Paige Merril, who has steadily put out an impressive stream of tightly constructed and catchy indie-pop/rock tracks on Soundcloud the past few years. Her newest, just released a few hours ago, “Work It On Out” is a pure delight. “I’m sure we’ll work it on out / I’m sure I’ll see you later,” she shrugs during the twangy and melodically stimulating chorus, with a backing shout of sorts adding a peppy enthusiasm to this excellent hook. The bridge at mid-point, with its tranquil guitar twang and slightly stuttering synth, prevents over-repetition as the delightful chorus re-enters at 02:12. “Work It On Out” is a very strong track release from this rising-fast artist out of Santa Barbara.

Mike Mineo

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