January Zero – “Gravity”

January Zero is an indie-rock project fronted by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gareth Phillips, aided by the talents of drummer Dan Piccolo, organist/mixer/editor Jim Roll, and vocalist Noelle Beverly. Phillips began songwriting in college, where he also found great influence in artists of many spectrums, including David Lynch, Guy DeBord, and T.S. Eliot. January Zero’s debut album, The Long Radio Silence, is a pleasant variety of seven tracks. Particularly good is the wistful “Gravity”, with its gliding acoustical melody accompaniment a touching relay of growing older and traversing life’s many obstacles. “Gravity will wear you down and leave you on your hands and knees,” one of the track’s most memorable moments go, recalling Aztec Camera’s sophisti-pop allure in tone. It’s a strong release from the group, who is presently recording their second full-length, set to be released next year.

Mike Mineo

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