Miles Dismond – “She Doesn’t Care At All”

Miles Dismond is an artist out of Berkeley, CA, whose sound sits somewhere between the lo-fi psych-pop of Ariel Pink and hazy psychedelia of Lonerism-era Tame Impala. The DIY singer/songwriter, who records all instruments and vocals at home, was nominated last month by The Deli Magazine for San Francisco’s Best New Artist, where he finished second. New track “She Doesn’t Care At All” shows why he’s been building a steady degree of hype, with a hypnotic song structure repeating the track’s title over a washed-out synth pad, droning guitar, and a rhythm section reminiscent of Tame Impala. The final two minutes, in particular, ditch the hypnotic repetition early on in favor of some nice, warbled guitar work and gradual synth additions — really hammering home those Ariel Pink / Tame Impala comparisons, which are some kickass points of reference for an emerging act like this. Dismond looks to be on the rise, and fast.

Mike Mineo

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