Popinigis and Andressa Dias – “Falling Apart”


A hazy dream-pop organ sequence kicks off “Falling Apart”, before a bouncy key-laden progression takes form alongside glistening trickles. The beginning to the track is immediately enticing, a fine result the byproduct of Popinigis, one-half of Brazil-based DeltaFoxx, and his long-term partner Andressa Dias. They state that the song is inspired by ethereal themes that combine bands like Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, and My Bloody Valentine. Galloping percussion and swelling synths around the two-minute mark lead to a gorgeous climax at 02:24, when the soaring vocals reach new heights alongside a rich composition of buzzing synths and effervescent keys. This is a great track with heaps full of atmosphere and melodic beauty.

Mike Mineo

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