Quinn Devlin & The Bridge Street Kings – “Take Your Time (Stay On Your Feet)”

With its suave piano lines, pleasant brass-laden additions, and familiar vocal presence, “Take Your Time (Stay On Your Feet)” wonderfully channels the likes of Van Morrison and Elvis Costello. The new track from Quinn Devlin & The Bridge Street Kings, a NYC-based collective of musicians and friends, shows an act reinterpreting a classic sound for modern audiences. Classic organ-accompanied ’70s rock and groovy Motown runs through their aesthetic, reminding a bit of Foxygen’s vintage-rock reverence, though here with a bit less emphasis on ego. Devlin and company showcase this aesthetic and strong songwriting on “Take Your Time (Stay On Your Feet)”, showcasing hook-y tendencies on moments like 01:30, when all melodies align to build toward a “when you find yourself all swingin'” chorus. It’s a success that would sound as welcome in a dusty NYC bar in the 1970s as it does today. Devilin and The Bridge Street Kings produce a timeless sound from a collective with a high degree of songwriting skill and passion.

Check it out on Spotify here.

Mike Mineo

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