Posted June 1, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Adolescentes sin edad – “El Bosque // Adolescentes Sin Edad”

Adolescentes sin edad are a Chilean group with a fondness for dream-pop and new-wave, as evidenced on their jangly  new track “El Bosque // Adolescentes Sin Edad”. A subdued vocal nonchalance rides alongside a reverberating guitar twang, the ’80s arsenal especially present in the “ooh-ooh”-ing leading to the chorus. Echo & the Bunnymen’s dark, anthemic appeal comes to mind as a comparison. Either way, this is an act that merges lovable elements of ’80s post-punk, new-wave, and dream-pop with modern indie-rock sensibilities, resulting in a sound with ample charm.

Mike Mineo

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