Posted June 29, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Foliage – “Silence”

Foliage’s just-released track “Silence” continues the jangle-pop magic displayed on “Dare“, the first single revealed off the project’s forthcoming album Silence. “Silence” begins with more build-up than the immediately bursting “Dare”, instead opting for a more hypnotic guitar shimmer that gently ushers in Manuel Joseph Walker’s caressing vocals around the 30-second mark. The gliding guitar work at mid-point reminds fondly of Wild Nothing’s aesthetic, a brightly effervescent combination of modern indie-rock with ’80s post-punk. Beyond the accessible jangle-friendly sound, there’s a deep message in the lyrics. “‘Silence’ is about how I felt during the time of writing the new record and going through an abusive relationship,” Manuel explains. “Felt as if everyone had forgotten about me, as I sat in silence writing the record and going through such a difficult time. Not only with the relationship, but with my obsessive compulsive disorder.”

Look for Foliage’s upcoming album of the same name later this year.

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