Matteo Scher – “New York and Me”


Matteo Scher has been playing piano since the age of four, picking up violin and guitar as well shortly thereafter. Now, at 20 years old, Matteo is releasing his first fully produced EP, a four-track affair entitled Something Good. The release’s opening track, “New York and Me”, is a highly melodic showcase of Matteo’s sound, recalling the piano-led charm of Tom Odell or Billy Joel, though with a grandiose and symphonic-laden nature lending a nice addition to the theatrical vocals, fit for a big city sound. “I wrote this in the summer of 2016 after a full year of living in the city. The song is about people, artist’s in general who live in New York, love New York and ultimately leave New York,” he says. “And while this pains me, its ultimately okay, because I know that without a doubt, that will have to come back through someday.”

Look out for the rest of EP on June 15th.

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