Posted June 12, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Papyllon – “Seventeen, Baby”

“Seventeen, Baby” is a stunning track from Papyllon, a young band from Prešov, Slovakia. It hooks from the get-go, with late-night brass and a smoothly paced rhythm section establishing the feel. The vocals begin with a subdued presence, though escalate as the track progresses, going as far to compare to Jeff Buckley’s emotional presence at points. Regardless, the vocals are stunning, especially as they ascend in intensity leading into the chorus, complemented by a lingering melancholic guitar tone. The “seventeen, baby” pause – followed by the smattering of brass – is an excellent mid-point placement, guiding into a final minute that’s beautifully capped off by a vocal turn into smooth R&B, for a fleeting moment.

“Seventeen, Baby” is a fantastic track that leaves a remarkable impression.

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