The Pulltops – “Poison the Well”


Many fans of vintage power-pop and album-rock found a comforting, familiar appeal on Milwaukee-based project The Pulltops’s previously featured track “Destination“, which celebrated the band’s 15th anniversary with the re-touching mixed by Daniel Waldmann at Silent Underground Studios. Now, the group has a new EP out by the name of By Accident or Design, available on Spotify, iTunes, and the like. The release’s lead single, “Poison the Well”, is perhaps the group’s most infectious effort to date — which is saying a lot. With an “it’s all right!” chorus that reminds fondly of Deacon Blue, the brass-y additions and guitar solo at 01:07 help lend to the energetic, jubilant feel. While not knocking down stylistic barriers, The Pulltops continue to produce great tunes in an easily accessible, vintage power-pop vein.

Mike Mineo

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