Sluka – “Number One”


We first touched on prolific artist Christopher Sluka last year with his album Introversions, his sound rooted in darkly atmospheric yet hook-y ’80s rock/pop elegance, with a Bowie-like vocal quiver on tracks like “Higher”. The San Diego-based Sluka’s newest album, released on June 1st, is called Colorful Radiation. “Number One” is its opening track, showing a more tranquil side of Sluka — with beginning acoustic fluttering and minimalist, reverbed vocals. Of course, in traditional Sluka fashion, rhythms and guitars hit just before the one-minute mark — expanding the serene and quaint beginnings into something of a more classic-rock mold. Moments that follow – from the funk-tinged warble at 02:18 to the climactic finale – keep the captivation factor high. It’s another quality release in Sluka’s lengthy career.

Check the track’s video below:

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