Velvet Winter – “Diamond Daydreams”


Singer/songwriter Talon Majors fronts the project Velvet Winter, releasing her first single “Crystal Heart” in March 2017 to solid acclaim. Her newest release, “Diamond Daydreams”, is a passionate piano-tinged pop effort with a spacey synth touch, serving as “an anthem for anyone who’s had to fight their way to their life goals.” “The song is very personal to me, as I wrote it during a very difficult time in my life,” Majors explains. “It wasn’t until recently that the song took the shape I wanted it to. It was originally written as a lounge style duet with piano and vocals but later evolved into a hard hitting electronic jam.” Sporting a chorus that strongly touts persistence and prevailing, with an infectious electro-pop stomp, “Diamond Daydreams” is another solid entry from this rising project.

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