White Knight – “Rainey Bethea”


Louisville-based rockers White Knight just dropped their second album, This Island Earth. It has a psychedelic, classic-rock allure that has been described as akin to “David Bowie making out with the Mars Volta while King Crimson watches.” The album has a lot to like. The quivering, spacey vibe on the yearning “Running Slow” reminds fondly of Bowie, specifically in the eerie vein of “Always Crashing in the Same Car”. A bustling bass-led bridge leads to a particularly exciting vein of space-rock in the final minute or so. “Pessimist’s Precipice” recalls Pink Floyd in its murky build-up into hazy psych-rock bliss. The rainy-day jangle of “Rainey Bethea” recalls Jefferson Starship in its infectious psych fixation, serving as an accessible glance at the band’s impressive sound.

Stream the album in full below:

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