Posted July 10, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Alarma – “Fire”

Los Angeles-based act Alarma produce a colorful, vibrant sound that blends various ethnic music styles, including Latin cumbia, reggae, ska, African, and Middle-Eastern influences. Their sound is a melting pot of sounds, beginning as a Latin-rock project though emerging as a more eclectic vein of that. They have two full-lengths presently out in Ripe Conditions (2014) and World Ignition (2016), with more on the way.

“Fire” is a catchy demonstration of their sound, complete with jam-friendly guitar work and a warm, melodic vocal presence working around a simply contagious hook. Latin-rock is often in their tracks’ undercurrent, though here – with an ode to jam bands of the ’70s in guitars and ’90s alternative in the verse vocals – it shows the band’s eclectic charm well.

A collection of their finest efforts can be streamed below:

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