Brother Cephus – “Toxic Slip”


“Toxic Slip” is the first single to be released from Brother Cephus’ forthcoming six-track collection, out July 21st. The Tampa-based act is comprised of brothers Gabe and Seth Davis, who share vocal duties seamlessly, with a similar delivery and tone. Already with a reputation as great live performers, having opened for the likes of Eisley, BOYTOY, and High Waisted, this release seems poised to establish their studio talents as well. “Toxic Slip” slides somewhere between the angular guitar motions of Modest Mouse and the hazy, psych-induced pace of Deerhunter (especially the bridge at 02:03), with the alt-rock of Matthew Good thrown in for good measure. In all, it’s a strongly written and played rocker, with great alternation between distortion-aided intensity and sparser rock elegance.

Mike Mineo

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