Groupoem – ‘Dirt Church’


Groupoem is a newly reformed rock act from Vancouver, who released their new album Dirt Church this past May. It’s a 19-track release that the band recorded in Toronto in their earlier years, also including material recorded in Vancouver at The Farm and Greenhouse Studios over the past two years. The act originally formed in 1983, as Mr.Science, before changing their name into Groupoem in 1986. The act’s songwriter, Terry Robinson, has a prolific arsenal of tracks, and the act started rehearsing from his catalog in 2014, following a 25-year separation. The band had all migrated from Toronto to the Vancouver area as well, so the reunion made sense. Since then, their cult following has embraced the reformation and the new releases that have arisen from it.

You can stream Dirt Church in full on the band’s website, in addition to streaming it on Spotify.

Below is a mini-documentary that describes the group’s reformation process:

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