The Max Tribe – “Hello”


“Hello” is the impressive debut single from The Max Tribe, a group that formed in 2013 when Nashville native Austin Max (guitars/vocals) united with Austrian-born Conner Kessler (drums) at Berklee College of Music. Max and Kessler linked up with Noah Lubert (keys/vocals) and Rafael Minerbo (bass) in 2016. Now, with the group fully formed, they have the confident and bluesy “Hello” as a great showing of their sound, culled from influences in psych-rock and blues. “We tracked this record in an old Masonic Temple built in 1867, where the song ultimately came to life,” the band explains. “The sounds we got in that temple really matched the mood of the record. The song describes the discovery of a love affair, and the further fallout of relationship. All the lies, deceit, and lovelorn heartbreak. This song is about that.”

Mike Mineo

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