Premiere: Guest Actors – “When Everything Ends”

The track art for Guest Actors’ “When Everything Ends” is apt, with the tranquil, fluid guitar lines accompanying the gentle vocals concocting visions of floating peacefully in space. This is a very hypnotic effort in that sense, with lyrics mentioning immortality hitting the mark, and swelling guitar lines that resemble Beach House in atmosphere helping guide the melody. Hypnotic and engaging, it’s a stellar just-released track from Guest Actors, an Israeli indie-rock band based in Tel Aviv.

Mixed by Daniel Anglister and mastered by Chris Athens, the group’s forthcoming album Under Those Silent Skies “describes an intimate and existential quest, considered by the band to be their actual and exciting starting point.” The album is scheduled for release on October 10, 2017. They self-released a short EP in 2016, though it wasn’t a full digital release, as the upcoming LP will be. also is the first release with lead guitarist Matan Wexler, who certainly plays an audible influence on the track. The forthcoming LP was produced by band member Avi Ilani and arranged by the four-piece together. It has the looks of a very promising LP.

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