Wake Child – “Hangup Blues”


Boston trio Wake Child impressed this May with the superb track “In the End“,¬†with bluesy organ and hook-y, emotional songwriting resembling a cross between !!! and Jeff Buckley. Their newest track “Hangup Blues” is another surefire winner, starting with a mellow organ-laden, passionate vocal performance that becomes swiftly accompanied by suave guitar lines and a chorus that ascends in complexity, channeling a bluesy and infectious sound in a soulful manner. All five minutes – from the hook-y chorus to the captivating bridge at the 3-minute mark – works wonderfully, making this another smashing success from Wake Child.

The track was recorded live in the remains of an old Masonic Temple in Boston, MA. The temple’s mystical aura helped the band infuse “Hangup Blues” with a sense of isolation and magic, as the song’s outro explodes in a psychedelic mist of lovelorn confusion.

Mike Mineo

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