Posted August 9, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Golden Idols – “Anything You Want to Hear”

“Anything You Want to Hear” is a new track from former Golden Idols lead guitarist Trevor Watson, featuring Patrick Broz on guitar/lead vocals, Jewel Loree bass/vocals/bass clarinet, Trevor Watson guitar/keyboards/cello/vocals, and Kelsey McGee on drums/vocals. The one-off release from the Seattle-based group showcases their exotic, psych-friendly charm, reminding of the idiosyncratic sounds produced from Sun City Girls and Man Man. There’s a bit of Tom Waits too in the vocal delivery, particularly as the vocals let out “you ask the questions, I give the answers” at ~02:30, followed by chilling backing tribal-like vocals. There’s a loose, gypsy-like feel here with an entrancing mystique.

Check out more from Golden Idols on their Soundcloud.

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