Indianapolis Jones – “Please Come Home”


Atlanta-based psych-pop act Indianapolis Jones will release their new 5-song EP, Chaos and Light, on September 8th. The first look at the release comes via the single “Please Come Home”, which showcases a gorgeous string-laden hook that emphasizes the track title’s pleading words. The verses, with suave guitar swipes and a lush touch of keys, play it cool enough to allow the chorus to shine with effervescence, meshing psychedelia with immediate chamber-pop charm to stellar results.

Mixed and mastered by Chris Sampson (Ponderosa), Chaos and Light was produced by the songwriting trio of Tim Smith (Noel Gallagher’s High-Flying Birds, Jellyfish, Umajets), Nicholas Niespodziani (Yacht Rock Revue, Limozeen, Y-O-U), and Jason Nackers (The Constellations, Second Shift).

“This is our creative outlet, and we don’t want to place any limits on that,” said Niespodziani. “This EP is psychedelic pop in the vein of our first one, but with a little more emotional connection.”

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