Posted August 31, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Pop

Kev Minney – “Like I Always”

Featuring lush vocals and a gorgeous chorus, marked by a delicate vocal duet and longing strings, “Like I Always” is a memorable new track from Brighton/Northampton singer/songwriter Kev Minney. “I will find a way, like I always do,” he sings during this chorus, the lyrics exploring anxiety as one tries to expand their horizons, pursuing a “sensitive but positive stance” on tackling fear, led by resilience and determination.

The track comes from Minney’s latest album Stories of the Sky, an astronomically inspired album culled from a fascination with space. In 2015, when NASA’s New Horizons was broadcasting photographs of Pluto, Minney was hooked. “I was in awe at how science could take us as far as 322 light minutes to the most distant planet in our solar system. At that point it felt like that’s how far I was travelling to achieve my artistic ambitions.”

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