Staring Into Nothing – “Big Brother”


California-based act Staring Into Nothing incorporate meaningful social commentary into a melodic sound steeped in prog-rock and power-pop. The trio of keyboardist/lyricist Steve Rogers, guitarist Savannah Rogers, and bassist/guitarist Kurt Barabas show audible chemistry throughout new track “Big Brother”, the title referring to the government’s sly maneuverings. A piano helps establish the initial melody, with an assortment of guitars and synths adding melodic flair — particularly with the ’80s-tinged guitar solo just past the four-minute mark. “Protection often turns into tyranny,” the vocals sing prior to 02:30, leading into the “big brother is always watching us in the name of keeping us safe,” refrain. Melodic charisma and worthwhile lyrical insight make this track well worth a listen, with the upcoming release of the band’s full-length Power looking to offer similar highlights.

Mike Mineo

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