Teenage Wildlife – “You” + “One of Those Days”


Teenage Wildlife are the duo of Derek Silva and Nader Ibrahim, based out of Houston, Texas. Their sound is a chilled-out vein of indie-rock with jangly guitars and nonchalant vocals, exemplified well on new track “You”, which highlights the struggle of fighting off the relentless downpour of memories from lost loves. “I’ll try to find some things to do, to distract my mind thinking of you,” the vocals repeat initially, over a fluid and jangly set of guitars and relaxed rhythm section. Spacey synth-laden frequencies and guitar solos pop up throughout, lending to the hypnotic charm that’s continuous throughout. Fellow new release, “One of Those Days”, emphasizes a more acoustic-focused, lo-fi sound that evolves nicely into a rhythmic and textural emphasis around the mid-point, with a Beck-like suaveness. These two tracks show Teenage Wildlife as an act to keep an ear out for.

Stream the rest of their new EP below:

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