TIMI TEMPLE – “Grim Reaper’s Song” + “What Are We Waiting For”


Timothy Lockwood has already made a mark in the flourishing Australian music scene as the guitarist for Kilter, though has recently entered the solo realm with two new tracks in “Grim Reaper’s Song” and “What Are We Waiting For”, under the TIMI TEMPLE alias. Both these tracks showcase a fairly different sound, the former a peppy and hook-y rocker with hints of funk, while “What Are We Waiting For” explores a more gorgeously developmental sound, with an effervescent arpeggio leading the way over psych-friendly rhythmic buzzing and synth warbles. It speaks to Lockwood’s eclectic talents as a songwriter, with ample charisma and lyrical substance to boot.

For “Grim Reaper’s Song”, Lockwood explains: “It’s pretty much a song about me getting completely cooked on a night out and pushing the boundaries – I almost died twice – in my euphoria I thought about the Grim Reaper and coming to collect my soul – like, that dude would be pretty keen to come get me and i’d try and run but, you can’t run from that bad boy…”

As for “What Are We Waiting For”, Lockwood says: “It’s a psychedelic tinged electronic song with a message for those suffering with anxiety – I wrote this song as a call to action for peers of mine suffering from depression and anxiety, something that is all too prevalent in our industry, to be brave and face their fears. It swings between uplifting guitar driven choruses to haunting howling pre-choruses and soft wavering verses… I believe it’s reflective of our lives as creators, inclusive of all the ups and downs we go through…”

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