Demetrius N Vince – “Slave”


Chicago-based duo Demetrius N Vince met at an open mic in 2016, later going on to merge Demetrius’ singer/songwriter/producer/DJ background and Vince’s guitar/songwriter abilities for their musical project. New track “Americana Soul”, incorporates all these elements, particularly the DJ background in lyrically and melodically incorporating Don McLean’s “American Pie” with an incorporation of singer/songwriter and blues styles, with the electric guitar work gliding particularly well.

Another track from the same two-track release, “Slave” is a better showing of their original ability, projecting a swanky acoustical-driven blues style that sounds like it’s set in a murky swamp, with interesting electronic percussive effects adding to the interesting approach alongside the hard-working demeanor set in the lyrics.

Mike Mineo

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