Evening Glow – “Love Tonight”


Chicago-based Evening Glow’s new track “Love Tonight” – released today – is representative of the act’s fondness for late ’70s/early ’80s post-punk and dance. Specifically, the four-piece from Chicago combine elements of lo-fi, dance-rock, and indie dream-pop for an appealing, hook-y sound with a shimmering yet nocturnal soundscape. Off their forthcoming EP, “Love Tonight” combines fairly nonchalant vocals with jangly guitar tones reminiscent of The Cure for a convincing, memorable sound.

“We felt we definitely re-did our image as Evening Glow for this EP, shifting toward lo-fi indie-dance rock, dream-pop music,” member Aaron Cada explains. “We realized the most fun we have listening to music in the Chicago scene is when we can dance/move around to it as watered down as that sounds. Not moshing or headbanging, just moving and riding the wave of music that you’re enjoying in that moment. We’re huge fans of that late ’70s/early ’80s new wave of dance music, where people would enjoy music in a that fashion.”

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