The Federal Empire – “You and Drugs”


“You and Drugs” is a new track from The Federal Empire, previously featured with tracks like “What Are We Fighting For” and “Gasoline”. Continuing their fervent, anthemic folk sound, this release features another big-time chorus from the Los Angeles duo, comprised of Chad Wolf (Carolina Liar) and McKay Stevens (Grammy-nominated for Kaskade’s “Atmosphere”).

Per the band, the track is “about that feeling you get when you are in a late night, hook up relationship and you guys are just using each other or one person is using the other. At that point we just felt like there is no difference between “you” and drugs. It is a large part of our instant gratification culture where we want quick and easy and no commitment or hard work. It is a quick high but then you are left feeling empty or bad etc. We then turn the song on the hinges that we don’t want drugs anymore but we want love. Love lasts longer, is giving and selfless, and makes you feel good for longer than just the instant. The song can be applied to so many different things because we have a lot of “drugs” in our every day lives now. Relationships are drugs, our phones and social media are drugs. We need to move past the instant gratification culture and work hard and commit to real love!”

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