Fellow Bohemian – “Get Away”


Los Angeles-based act Fellow Bohemian will drop their Calm & Modern EP tomorrow, and it’s preceded by today’s release of the single “Get Away”. The group is building a steady following after gigs like playing The Semi-Tropic for Echo Park Rising and playing the main stage at Broke LA in April 2017, their fresh sound impressing with its reverence for world rhythms, soaring vocals, and lush Afro-pop-tinged melodies fit for coastal dreaming. ’80s post-punk influences pop up especially on tracks like “Surface Trick” and “Ceremony“, though here it’s mostly an accessible vein of coastal indie-pop with the occasional synth-laden flourish. Warm vocal harmonies, immaculate production, and an overall hypnotic pop vibe make “Get Away” a very memorable single release.

Mike Mineo

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