Ivan Beecroft – “SLEEPWALKER”


Australian rocker Ivan Beecroft melds his working-class roots with a fondness for classic rock, with a grunge and alt-leaning tilt, to result in a well-developed sound with sincerity and engaging melodic fervor. “SLEEPWALKER”, the lead track off his forthcoming album WHATEVER, finds solace in a rockin’ guitar emphasis and vocal tone that resembles a cross between Ozzy and The Psychedelic Furs’ Richard Butler. “Wake up to this fake reality,” Beecroft proclaims during the chorus, adding an additional layer of guitars in the bridge heading back to the verse. It’s a timeless sort of rock sound, one that works well on all levels, and a meaningful lyric presence that advocates not to just meander throughout life.

On the album, Ivan says the following:

“’Whatever’ is an album of many colours. It could be viewed as being a modern musical kaleidoscope, it may also be viewed as one man’s artistic roller coaster ride but what it definitely can’t be viewed as, is a pretentious, irrelevant pile of fast food for the ears. The honesty that Ivan exudes on this album could not have been done under a major label; he would never have been allowed to produce such a brutally honest work. The intellectual elements of this album are uniquely woven amongst a tapestry of simple melodies and minimalist lyrical content and exquisite instrumentation.”

Stream WHATEVER in its entirety below:

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