Rachel & The Ruckus – “Water & Oil”


Denver-based act Rachel & The Ruckus pursue a vein of rock rooted in blues, country, funk, and soul — casting a sound comparable to Grace Potter and The Black Crowes. Rachel Alena impresses on lead vocals with a fierce delivery, with her piano work also notable. Their new track “Water & Oil” is an autobiographical account of coming to the Rocky Mountains with an artistic purpose. “I moved from California to be with my husband who is from here.” Alena explains. “It’s basically about leaving my home and chasing a dream. What’s more rock and roll than that?”

The band’s high-energy, southern-rock flair is on display throughout the track, which – while not revolutionizing a particular genre – accurately conveys a sound that many bands swing and miss with. This is a solidly built single that shows the band’s strengths well.

Mike Mineo

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