Posted October 12, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Blurred Out – “Meadows”

“Meadows” is the debut single from Oakland-based indie-rock quartet Blurred Out. They aptly describe their sound as “noisy but tuneful” — with fluid guitars meshing nicely with a vocal performance that upticks in pitch and intensity during the soaring chorus. Certain production choices, like the lingering guitar feedback around 01:43 and the appealing fuzz-friendly guitar emphasis around 02:40, are very well-accomplished to the point of this level of quality being a surprise for a debut single. I’d guess these guys have ample experience in the Oakland indie-rock scene based on the melodic charisma and musical chops here. Either way, Blurred Out is definitely an act to keep an ear out for, especially among fans of grunge-tinged alternative.

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