Bo Haan – “Playboy (We’re All In Love)”


Released today, “Playboy (We’re All In Love)” is a dazzlingly catchy new single from Los Angeles-based Bo Haan, whose authentic funk and dance-forward charisma works around brass spurts, tight rhythms, and an irresistible central chorus with a Michael Jackson-esque vocal pull. It’s one of the more immediately successful pop singles I’ve heard so far this year, with a fun merging of ’80s and ’90s dance with some modern dance sounds.

Haan, half of the Los Angeles electronica duo The Blemish, released an album of funked-up cover songs in 2015 (Funkified), gaining quick traction in the underground electro-funk and dance community, who are no doubt looking forward to his new album Bedroom Amateur, which also released today. It continues Haan’s trending stylistic leaning toward electro-funk and dance, with an immediate pop appeal. You can stream the album in full on Spotify here.

Mike Mineo

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