GEA – “Followers”


Alternative pop group GEA hail from Helsinki, Finland, where they craft a magically inviting vein of music that has been compared to the likes of Sigur Ros. The first track off their new album Butterflies, “Followers”, is indicative of their atmospheric reach. Gentle chimes and tugging strings complement the serene vocals of GEA, which weave cohesively around the key chimes and melancholic strings with a sort of endearing sweetness. It’s a captivating track that can transport feelings of chaos to another world, replacing them with serenity.

On the album, which is streaming in full below, GEA says: “Butterflies is a personal journey of moving from being broken towards growing to become who I am. I wish it to inspire people to acknowledge that anything organic, anything alive is in constant move. We change and grow constantly, towards what we should be, towards our potential. Resisting those changes and growth is what makes us unhappy. What if you are a butterfly but you have developed strong identity and ego as a worm? For me it meant that I had all this music in me for years, but it took quite extreme circumstances to have courage to let it out.”

Mike Mineo

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