Grey Fields – “Nothing Needs to Be Right”


Grey Fields is a new act whose eponymous album provides both richly haunting atmospheres and entrancing melodies, not too distant from the work of Kurt Vile. Several tracks stand out strongly, especially “Nothing Needs to Be Right”, which chugs on a carnival-like feel with haunting vocals during the acoustical interlude – “nothing has to be wrong” – ascending to an emotional plea as they sing “as I refuse to fight” — leading back into the darkly effective carnival ride.

Lush efforts like “Transitions of the Truth” are there, though many of Grey Fields’ tracks have the tendency to expand into rock-friendly exteriors from serene, minimalist beginnings — whether it’s the lull of exotic strings in “Picking Song”, the transition to more rock-leaning passion at 02:11 in “Bad Habits”, or how “Roots” evolves from key-laden trickles into a reverberating rock finale. Alongside “Empty Eyes” and “Shades of Youth”, both growers, Grey Fields firmly show themselves as an act worth following, starting with this release.

Stream the release in full below:

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