Posted October 10, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Josh Harmony – “Modern Age”

“Modern Age” is a memorable new track from Minneapolis-based Josh Harmony, dripping with charming nonchalance familiar to fans of shoegaze, grunge, and space-rock — all elements incorporated in this melodic, smooth-flowing track. The slacker-rock vibe works well here, especially when Harmony’s vocals soar around 01:19 with an impacting “I’m alive” repetition. The track is repetitive, though in a hypnotic sense that works well within the stylistic arsenal.

Harmony, also a professional skateboarder and visual artist, has provided music for some notable skateboarding/surf films in the past, including Billibong’s ‘View From A Blue Moon'(John John Florence) and XGames’ ‘Real Street'(Collin Provost). Bassist Kristof Marden and drummer Colleen Budge round out Harmony’s band and do a great job with this particular track’s effective rhythm section.

Mike Mineo

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