Loveless Death Scene – “Someone Who Loves You”


Strongly melodic with a romantic yearning, “Someone Who Loves You” is a devastatingly effective just-released single from Loveless Death Scene, the project of Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Carlos J. Ruiz III — featured earlier this month with the track “Paradise Sleeps Alone Tonight“, from the same EP (released today and streaming in full below), Hopeless Dream Machine.

Whereas “Paradise Sleeps Alone Tonight” showcased a more playful, synth-pop-tinged lead, “Someone Who Loves You” is a guitar-heavy showing of dark melancholic yearning. “You never loved me, it was always just a lie to me — a place inside your miiind,” Ruiz croons during the fantastic chorus, with stirring phase guitars being in rousing form throughout. ““Someone Who Loves You” is a song that I’ve been trying to write for, at least, two years,” Ruiz explains. “It’s an amalgamation of four or five songs that date back to 2015. It cross-breeds my love of sugary pop melodies with something objectively less pop. In my mind, the hybrid here was pop and psychedelia.”

Stream the EP in full below:

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