Shane Tully – “I Would Not Be Wise”


Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Shane Tully impressed in 2014 with his debut EP Forward to the Rain, a lush stylistic showing of spacious guitar and piano alongside a steady rhythm section touching on folk, pop, and rock. Tully is presently finishing up his first full-length album, Phantom Followed, recorded in his hometown Baltimore. Tully has already released a handful of tracks from the album, including “Freak to Me” and “I Would Not Be Wise”. The latter stands out particularly well, his haunting vocals and mystical-like guitar presence recalling more folk-laden R.E.M. efforts. The track provides a hypnotic soundscape, with various guitar twangs emerging close to the two-minute mark, followed by an acoustical bridge that brings it all back together for a convincingly powerful finale.

Mike Mineo

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