Three Days Dark – “Breaking the Day”


English songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Trent Halliday produces engaging experimental art-rock and psych-pop under the name Three Days Dark. Drawing from influences of the late ’60s and ’70s – in addition to specific names like Berlin-era Bowie, Talking Heads, and Beck – Halliday certainly presents a nostalgic sound. New track “Breaking the Day” is a fully gripping release, one that starts with creeping guitars and yearning, Jim Morrison-esque vocals in the first chorus. Things really pick up around 01:42, when a slight brass presence accompanies the bristling guitars and vocal re-emergence. With tasteful guitar distortion closing this gem out, “Breaking the Day” serves as a thoroughly consuming listen from start to finish.

The track is the second single from Halliday’s upcoming album Somewhere a Band Plays.

Mike Mineo

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