townsppl – “twigs”


Folk-pop singer/songwriter Alex Stanton plays under the name townsppl, where he works with a variety of instruments that include “crap parlor guitars, ’60s 2 knob tube amplifiers, Chinese and American ukulele, his grandmother’s upright bass, an open piano that he describes as “intune-ish”, found percussion implements (he’s particularly interested in those that go “kssh” or “doonnmm”) and plenty of layered voices.”

The Pittsburgh native just released the track “twigs”, which precedes his second full-length by the same name, releasing on November 10th. Playful vocals, in a chirpy vein that recalls oft-heard indie-minded infusions of Afro-pop, mesh nicely with trickling ukes and a chorus with various vocal layers that lend a hypnotic, island-set feel. The final 40 seconds or so, with the addition of keys and a party-like vocal presence, caps this fun track off with exuberance.

Mike Mineo

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