Albin Eidhagen – “What If This Romance Made Me Love”


Recorded live, “What If This Romance Made Me Love” is a powerful showing of songwriting and performance from Swedish artist Albin Eidhagen. The track begins fairly unassumingly, a tightly constructed, bluesy melody leading the way over Eidhagen’s polished, captivating vocals. Things really start to stand out at 02:08, when his “you’re just something else” line is met with a brief tonal shift full of emotion and darkness. “And you know just what to do,” he sings, with a tinge of symphonic allure aiding the bridge back into the verses. The track’s final minute is especially impressive, his wildly passionate vocals working alongside the impressive musical showing, aided particularly well by the drumming of Tove Lo’s Karl “Hovis” Hovmark. This is a powerfully memorable track that haunts.

Mike Mineo

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