Posted November 27, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Pop

Baiba Dekena – “Touch You Right”

Baiba Dekena, a Latvian musician presently living in Austria, emits a captivating, melancholic tone on new track “Touch You Right” that showcases an impressive vocal presence and melodic grasp, fondly reminiscent of Kate Bush. Strings enter the fold at 01:11, adding to the wintry showcase of somberness, accompanying her captivating vocal presence and trickling piano. Rhythmic additions at 01:51 provide additional emotional fervor, solidifying “Touch You Right” as a memorable track — especially as the synth-laden involvement rises in the rousing conclusion. “Touch You Right” is the third single from her debut album These Storms, telling “an intimate story about our never-ending yearning for home and belonging.”

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