Eucrid Elms – “I Just Saw the End of the World”


Copenhagen-based artist Esben Hansen crafts music under the pseudonym Eucrid Elms, emitting a haunting sound. The track “I Just Saw the End of the World” comes via his debut album Digital Funeral, releasing on 12/1. Beginning with a wintry sparseness, the track becomes accompanied by his haunting vocals and an acoustical accompaniment as he sings, “I just saw the afterworld, in the living rooms on the other side of the road.” Spurts of brass soon follow, as do haunting wordless vocal accompaniments that resemble a mythical chant. The acoustics, brass spurts, and haunting vocal effects make for a very gripping effort.

“The title of the song pretty much says it all,” Hansen explains. “It’s about the end of the world, watching it slowly coming through televisions and iPhones, political apathy and a threatening climate disaster. But despite the tough theme, the song has an uplifting groove and a catchy melody – and a positive message of holding on to your loved ones when everything seems to be falling apart.”

Mike Mineo

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