Geoff Gibbons – “Ain’t Goin’ Back”


With country guitar twangs and a lush symphonic backing, “Ain’t Goin’ Back” is a beautiful piece of songwriting from Vancouver-based Geoff Gibbons, whose expansive and emotional delivery has hints of Sturgill Simpson and Neil Young. The creation of his latest album, Buffalo Hotel, was inspired by a trip to North America, where he flew to the cities of sound: Muscle Shoals, Nashville and Memphis. “When I got back home I wasn’t just inspired, I was altered,” he explains.

Gibbons, a full-time musician and producer/engineer, was prominent early on for his role in forming the duo Silverlode, which performed alongside Emmylou Harris, the McGarrigle Sisters, David Crosby, and Levon Helm and Rick Danko of The Band at points. Along the way, ’70s country-rock emanating from Southern California was a particularly strong influence, contributing to his solo sound and the styles throughout this release, including “Ain’t Goin’ Back”, a lovely piece of songwriting that sounds timeless in its appeal.

Stream Buffalo Hotel in full below:

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